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Our Firm and Services

Davis Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor with the State of Ohio. We offer one source - available to both individuals and companies - for help in personal wealth accumulation, asset protection and wealth transfer; retirement planning; business building, compensation and continuity; insurance; charitable gifting and more. Our comprehensive financial planning services use financial strategies consistent with our client's financial condition, tax status and risk/reward objectives.

Over the series of planning meetings, written information and analysis is compiled, which may include one or more of the following areas:

  1. the client's objectives and financial goals;
  2. a review of the client's assets, liabilities, income and expenses;
  3. a review and analysis of one or more of the subject planning areas previously listed;
  4. a summary of findings; and
  5. recommendations.


We Believe EXPERTISE Is Essential

 Today, investors must overcome a three dimensional challenge to pursue their investment goals. To develop a comprehensive investment strategy, they must be able to track and triangulate the constantly-shifting global economic landscape, their own personal financial situation and goals, and the mountains of information about available investments.

  • A knowledgeable independent financial advisor can help you understand how the capital markets interact, and how global economic events affect individual investments.
  • A knowledgeable independent financial advisor can develop a comprehensive investment strategy that addresses your individual investing criteria in an independent environment.
  • A knowledgeable independent financial advisor can help you evaluate the thousands of investment alternatives available today, and select the ones that will contribute to effective implementation of your investment strategy.

We Believe INDEPENDENCE is Essential

 An independent financial advisor is a professional practitioner who functions in a objective environment. The benefits of using the services of and independent financial advisor accrue to the investor throughout the relationship.

  • When you are designing your portfolio, an independent financial advisor is free to consider all of the thousands of investment alternatives available today. There are no artificial limitations on which investments you can use.
  • When you’re building your portfolio, your independent financial advisor can weigh merits of one investment against another, recommending investments with the objective to contribute to the success of your investment strategy.
  •  When you are assessing your portfolio’s performance, an independent financial advisor can use objective criteria to gauge the performance of each investment. An disciplined financial advisor can help you track the progress of your portfolio toward the financial goals you’ve set, and advise you when it is appropriate to make changes and when it’s time to stay put.

We Believe SERVICE Is Essential

 We know that consistent, high levels of service and courtesy are an inherent element of the obligation we undertake when we enter into a professional relationship.

  • Our clients are entitled to regular, clear and understandable information about the status of their portfolios and the overall investing environment as it relates to their interests.
  • Our clients are entitled to customized advice, tailored specifically to their individual situations, investing goals and risk tolerances.
  • Our clients are entitled to timely, substantive responses to any question or concern they communicate to us
  • Our clients are entitled to absolute confidentiality on all matters relating to their investments.